The Boreal Centre aims to raise the profile and economic stability of small and ecologically-responsible enterprises in the Peace region by including them in an online directory of “eco-enterprises”.

An eco-enterprise is a business, no matter how small, that directly or indirectly supports sustainability by reducing the environmental impacts of their operations and investing in the ecosystem. This is not limited to actively promoting environmental causes, but also includes most locally owned and operated businesses. Small businesses build community identity and offer a ‘greener’ alternative to large businesses that may not be invested in the interests of the area.

See our growing directory of eco-enterprises below!

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Is this you?

You might be an ‘eco-entrepreneur’ if:

  • Your business is locally owned
  • You strive to meet the needs of your community
  • You focus more on connections and networks than profits
  • You take care to reduce your and/or other’s environmental impact
  • Your work reflects your care for environmental, health, and social issues
  • Your work is your passion as much as it is your livelihood

Join our network! Contact us through Facebook, email at, or call 250-788-9635 to be included in our directory. As part of our relaunch we are asking for a small promotional membership fee and will conduct a short interview to learn about your business.

The Boreal Centre waves responsibility for any business license requirements of featured businesses.