With great success, the Boreal Centre has continued to build on its' Northern Food Capacity Initiative in partnership with the provincial government of British Columbia and several local organizations This year, The Boreal Centre plans to focus on building capacity for Eco-Energy and greenhouse retrofitting, as well as demonstration projects. These will include:

  1. Wood biomass heating
  2. Solar air transfer systems
  3. Ground heat storage
  4. Other innovative methods of energy capture

Additionally, we plan to also expend our efforts on:

  1. Networking and creating resources to build community food security
  2. Supporting production at the Moberly Lake Community Orchard
  3. Monitoring our ongoing Haskap berry field trials
  4. Promotion of the Edible Forest Botanicals Interpretive Trail

We are excited to continue working with communities in Chetwynd, Moberly Lake, and Hudson's Hope to make green living more accessible to our Northern region!