Who We Are

The Boreal Centre is a non-profit organization of volunteers concerned with sustainability in the Boreal eco-region of BC and Canada. Our goal is to help improve the livelihoods of northern, rural communities through education, research, and the promotion of ecologically and socially responsible initiatives.

Since its conception as the Boreal Centre for Conservation Enterprise, the organization has engaged in ongoing market research on non-timber forest products in the Peace region, provided technical support on riparian stewardship, and have facilitated regional consultation on community development.


Our Mission:

to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills among marginalized, northern rural groups regarding development of conservation‐based enterprise appropriate for Boreal forest ecosystems; through our non‐profit research and educational activities we will seek ways to achieve community development through a balance of ecological, social and economic values.

Boreal Centre is focused on achieving the following:

  • support for community and regional watershed stewardship
  • undertaking research and advocacy for sustainable development
  • fostering awareness of green living and the establishment of the Peace River Permaculture Network
  • promote various forms of eco-enterprise

Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the Peace Region.