The Boreal Centre is undertaking a long-term study of different varieties of Haskap berry (Lonicera caerulea) to find out how to best grow the berries in the Boreal region.  This research is being done in partnership with Tree Canada, as well as the Province of British Columbia. Please watch the short tour videos below to learn more!

Originally cultivated in Northern Japan and Siberia, Haskaps are tasty fruit-producing plants that are also uniquely suited to Northern growing conditions.


Although the plant is relatively new to Canadian growers, the Boreal Centre hopes to provide insight into potential best practices and strategies for cultivating these berry plants in Peace country.

Summer students have planted three plots of Haskap berries around our Moberly Lake property and have begun to collect data from the plants (survival percentage, height, berry production, etc.) in order to discover which varieties of the plant grow best in our local conditions. In the future, these plants will be a unique contribution to the Boreal Centre's food security initiatives as they grow to maturity over the next few years.