Supporting the Boreal Centre in many aspects of its ongoing planning and sustainability work, InterraPlan Inc. is a Northern B.C.-based company that promotes ecologically- and culturally-based land-use planning and community development. Its' founder, Reg Whiten, also owns and operates one of our featured Eco-Enterprises: The Niwatame Homestead & Guest Suites


A Word From Reg Whiten:

"From the Homestead to the Watershed!"
           InterraPlan Inc is a firm with specialization in bio-regional planning, agro-ecology, rapid rural appraisal, sustainable community development and watershed stewardship. Its services will be of interest to colleagues and potential clients looking for solutions and culturally-based solutions in land and resource stewardship planning. Particular focus of our work is on the Boreal bio/eco-region to highlight best practices, and interest-based solutions that put emphasis on food, water and energy security.
           As principal of InterraPlan Inc., I have practiced as a resource stewardship agrologist, planner and adult educator with experience in south-east Asia and in north-west Canada.
          In my consulting practice I have worked with a wide range of clients including industry, environmental consultants, First Nations, community organizations, advocacy groups, and all levels of government. My consulting practice has therefore, given me insight and experience into very challenging and complex land-use management and resource stewardship issues. I'll look forward to providing service quotes and exploring new opportunities for business collaboration. I invite you to also connect via my LinkedIn site to see the kind of projects I have been involved in, and related presentations.
          Thanks and best wishes in your work — and I look forward to supporting your community sustainability planning needs!
- Reg Whiten