As The Boreal Centre continues to make great strides in promoting accessible, green living in B.C.'s Northern Regions, we have gained access to a variety of important knowledge on sustainable growing. This knowledge has been provided by some of our members, as well as other community partnerships we have forged over the years. In order to help community members to learn more about how they can grow strong, resillient gardens, we have invested in creating a course to teach you about Permaculture gardening strategies.


This 7-module, introductory course covers important topics and questions relating to gardening in the North, such as:

  • What plants are best suited to my land?
  • What can my community teach me about gardening?
  • What are some low-maintenance growing strategies to make the most of my investment?
  • How can I read my landscape (sun, climate, water, soil) to learn where to plant?

We hope to make this course available for purchase in the coming months. Until then, become a member to stay up-to-date on our upcoming projects in the Summer of 2021!