The Boreal Centre aims to raise the profile and economic stability of small and ecologically-responsible enterprises in the Peace region by including them in an online directory of "eco-enterprises".

Not sure what an eco-enterprise is? Click here to learn more!

See our growing directory of eco-enterprises below!

Eco-Enterprise Directory

Is this you?

You might be an 'eco-entrepreneur' if:

  • Your business is locally owned
  • You strive to meet the needs of your community
  • You focus more on connections and networks than profits
  • You take care to reduce your and/or other's environmental impact
  • Your work reflects your care for environmental, health, and social issues
  • Your work is your passion as much as it is your livelihood

Join our network! Become an Eco-Champion Boreal Member to be eligible to include your eco-enterprise in the directory. As part of our relaunch, we are asking for a small promotional membership fee and will conduct a short interview to learn about your business.

The Boreal Centre waves responsibility for any business license requirements of featured businesses.