The Little Prairie Store/Rupert Seafood

4917 South Access Rd, Chetwynd, BC

Pam Derhousoff  isn’t trying to reinvent grocery shopping. Instead, the Little Prairie Store is going back in time—to a traditional general store that takes care of its community. Inside is everything from fish to candles or, ‘Something for Everyone’.


A local run store has the advantage of making connections between producers and customers to meet community needs. The Little Prairie Store takes care to understand what is in demand, and go to lengths to find it. When in season, customers can place orders for fresh seafood and produce to be brought as needed. The store soon hopes to sell  canned and home-baked goods made fresh with local ingredients. Little Prairie also boasts a collection of antiques, lending to the old-timey atmosphere.


The Little Prairie Store is unique by nature. Pam takes yearly trips around the region to find new products, always looking for organic and handmade, and supporting local artisans. As the community turns toward eco-friendly and health products, The Little Prairie Store is ready to supply them.


What they do:

  • Specialty Grocery Store with order service
  • Local, organic, seasonal produce and meat
  • Frozen and Fresh Seafood
  • Handmade local and imported crafts
  • Treats and ice-cream


Where to find them:

4917 South Access Rd, Chetwynd, BC

Pam Derhousoff


Facebook: Little Prairie Store & Rupert Seafood